Nasal Problems and Snoring

Snoring is one of the most common problems that mostly affect men as well as overweight people. While, there are many causes behind snoring, one of the most prominent causes include obstruction of the nasal airways. Here, find out whether respiratory problems can lead to snoring or not.

What is Snoring?

Snoring is basically a harsh or loud sound, which is produced while sleeping. People snore while breathing in air, which causes the tissues at the back of their throat to vibrate. This sound is usually produced while inhaling air and usually comes via the mouth or nose or from both.

Nasal Problems and Snoring

Obstruction of the nose can result in severe breathing problems. This obstruction is often caused due to infections, allergies as well as other reasons. In fact, breathing problems can also cause the individual to snore from their mouth instead of their nose. According to experts, breathing from nose is easier when compared to the mouth. This is because when one breathes through the mouth their jaw as well as tongue falls back and block the airway, which further increases snoring. Apart from this, mucosal obstruction that is caused due to allergies and cold, leads to obstruction of the lining of the nose as well as sinuses. As a result, you end up breathing more or almost completely only via the mouth. This may further cause disruption of sleep and enhanced health complications.

Dr, Himanshu Garg, Sleep and Respiratory disorder specialist who provides expert Snoring Treatment in gurgaon through Sleep Cure Solutions, a premier Sleep Clinic in Delhi/Gurgaon area reiterated, “Allergies and sinus infection can also result in the obstruction of nose and further cause breathing difficulties, especially during night. If you’re breathing through the mouth, the nose fails to filter and moisten the air that you inhale that further cause major sleep issues as well as disturbances.”

Anatomical obstructions of the airways like tonsils, size of the neck, overweight problems, soft uvula or/and palate, adenoids can also lead to breathing problems, which may further cause snoring in men and women.

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