Sleep Study Scoring: What Is It and how to optimise your workflow ?-

“If you are sleeping well, you are living healthy”- Early an assumption, is now a scientifically proven belief. Sleepless nights and disturbed sleep patterns often pave way for a plethora of diseases and ailments. However, extensive research done on sleep patterns suggests the importance of these sleep associated problems and their management. As a Sleep Disorders service provider, it becomes all the more important to accurately record and analyse an individuals’ sleep patterns for an effective analysis.

To understand this better, let us first understand,

What Is Sleep Study Scoring?

A sleep study, also known as polysomnography or home sleep test, records the pattern of the sleep which is clinically analysed to understand an individual’s state of mind and health. The sleep study is scored manually by a team of certified sleep technologists along with sleep physicians. The clinical judgements from the experts is then presented in the form of a report that has the sleep scores that suggest the quality of sleep.

The sleep study scoring is a comprehensive program involving a systematic process for the evaluation of an individual’s sleep patterns. The sleep recording equipment records several biologic parameters such as electroencephalogram (EEG), electro-oculogram for eye movements (EOG), electromyogram-muscle activity (EMG), electrocardiogram for cardiac/heart (ECG) post which the sleep data is analyzed and presented as a detailed report.

Here is how a Sleep Scoring Service provider can be an extension of your sleep lab and help in improving your efficiency and workflow with no compromise on quality

Volumes of data from latest studies suggest the exponentially increasing cases of sleep apnea and its associated problems. In an ideal scenario, sleep study scoring, if done in house, only vividly adds to the bulk of targeted reports that are being focused by a firm. Studies are indicative of the skewed patient to technologist ratio (3:1) and at the very first place suggests the requirement of a third party intervention to achieve the targets.

Precision, accuracy and timely reporting are amongst the major concerns for any progressive market and it is important to strike a balance between the same at all levels. An ideal third party intervention can significantly aid the caregiver to suffice to the expectation of the patients and also provide immediate relevant treatment.

The current era is characterised with a spate of novel medical reforms that provide added benefits to the patients. As a whole, it not only increases awareness amongst the patients but also have played a significant role in making such diagnostic procedures available to the patients at revised prices and elaborate services as well.

The sleep study scoring laboratories, have extended their boundaries across the globe and therefore have bridged the gaps that existed due to the geographical challenges. In order to deliver the promised numbers, it is beneficial to get such third parties on board and facilitate the healthcare proceedings further.

How Will We, “Sleep Cure” Fulfill Your Needs?

If you were to choose a partner to get the sleep study scoring performed, why would you choose us, is the next question to be answered. Well here is why it should be this way:

-We are certified and experienced

An award winning service provider for analysing and scoring sleep studies, Sleep Cure holds renowned certifications and an experienced team of sleep technologists.

-Reduced Turn Around Time

We promise the delivery of the reports within the allocated time spans. We guarantee the delivery of the reports within 24-72 hours, that too precise and accurate to the detail.

-We Are Global and Easy To Connect  

We are currently happily serving across the globe in countries such as Australia, USA, Europe, Netherlands and Canada. We promise the delivery of high quality, cost effective and accurate study analysis study.

-We Adhere To Guidelines

Our team forms a prestigious member of the American Academy of Sleep Science, South East Asian Academy of Sleep Medicine and Indian Sleep Disorders Association. The procedures followed in our laboratory fulfil the HIPAA requirements and promise accuracy.

-We Are Backed By Technical Support

Our technical resources make use of 14 different sleep software technologies, of which some are, Compumedics, Sandman Elite, Alice Sleepware G3, Nox, Rembrant, Remlogic, Somnologica, Cadwell, Stardust and Watermark.

So, with the progressive scenario of the healthcare industry, we must aim to bridge these gaps and remove the relevant roadblocks to help the patients get better services and treatment.

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