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Service led by American Board certified sleep physician. Each Polysomnogram is manually scored epoch by epoch by a trained and certified sleep technologist.


​Sleep Scoring Solution is one of the fastest growing organization in the field and on road to become one of the largest service in sleep scoring ​


We offer a comprehensive range of Manual Sleep study scoring services with accurate results to support Sleep Centers/Services across the world.

Sleep Study is a very important diagnostic tool in the hands of the experts. It provides a window peep into the state of mind and overall health of the patients. Its utility goes beyond diagnosing Sleep Apnea. It is a complex interplay of multiple physiological signals, captured in real-time, which is environment that is non- disruptive to sleep. It needs good understanding of the technology and the physics as well as the biology involved. Since complete overnight observation of Sleep means data of 7-8 hours duration and multiplying it with about 16 simultaneous signals, the volume of data can only be imagined. It requires skill and patience to be able to make sense out of this data. For years people have gained expertise and proficiency in analysing these studies. Accurate scoring of sleep studies is the backbone of any sleep scoring service and can be done only by experts.

Attempts to take shortcuts by using Auto scoring tools can never be justified for as complex a modality as sleep study. It is not even close to matching up manual analysis by experts, no matter how hard people are trying to propagate to the contrary. We have had chest X-rays for over 5 decades and we have never been able to devise any tool to auto analyse the same. It is only a trained Radiologist who can analyse and report the same. Using the same logic for sleep studies with all its complexities and volume, it can never be auto analysed. Instead the need of the hour is to find effective solutions which can create win-win situations.

Sleep Cure Solutions prides itself to have created these solutions for sleep centers/services around the world. SCS is today the leading provider of manual sleep scoring solutions, making real impact on the bottom-line without compromising on quality.

Talk to us to know more about our experienced, proficient and award winning manual sleep scoring service.

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