• We are today one of the fastest growing Sleep Scoring Service provider
  • Established track record of helping Sleep Services turn around their efficiency and grossly changing their overall operating position
  • Track record of helping new services start up and grow
  • Experience of dealing with large multi-location nation- wide sleep services
  • Experience of dealing with multiple physicians within one sleep service
  • Experience of dealing with the whole range of sleep Services from Level 1 to Level 4
  • Each epoch manually scored by a Registered Sleep Technologist
  • Ability to work with different Data Transfer Processes
  • Experience with most of the Diagnostic Sleep Software platforms


  • Address: SLEEP CURE SOLUTIONS, 233, 22A Gurgaon,
    Haryana, India 122001

  • Phone: +91- 9871162255, 0124-4104679

  • Email: info@sleepcuresolutions.com

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